See assembly can add this fitting to your order NOW to eliminate the need to purchase or modify other parts to adapt the Bimmerhelp wand to the Harbor Freight portable blasting gun (or other 1/2" guns).

YES this fitting can be used in conjunction with the modified brass fitting shown in the DIY if you are choosing to use the Factory/OEM Vacuum Adapter and Wand.

This fitting replaces the Watts Barbed Fitting LFA-390 (or A-390) and Watts Bushing LFA-827 (or A-827)!

Please note this part is NOT mandatory for the walnut blasting, but makes the process of collecting everything you need for the job easier.

PLEASE NOTE (June 2019 Update):  It is highly recommended to test fit the Bimmerhelp fitting fitment in the gun barrel in the store prior to purchase!  The barrels have a LOT of tolerance and some have mentioned that the barbs will NOT fit inside the barrel and are forced to exchange the blasting kit to find a barrel that fits the barbs.


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Bimmerhelp Brass Fitting
This product page was added on 03 January 2016 and modified 14 June 2019.